Welcome to Genesis Cloud! This guide covers how to properly get started with our service and provides an overview of our knowledgebase to help you find what you are looking for as quickly as possible. You can always jump back to this article for orientation.

Table of Contents

  1. Setting Up Your Account
  2. Requesting Quota and Creating Instances
  3. Volumes, Snapshots, Static IPs and More
  4. Organizations and Projects
  5. Billing

Setting Up Your Account

In order to use our service you will need to create your own Genesis Cloud account. Make sure to verify your account upon creation using your phone number. In order to create instances, we require a valid payment method. After these steps you are ready for the next steps.

Requesting Quota and Creating Instances

To at all times ensure we have the capacity to host your desired instances we require you to request quotas for the instance types you want to use. We will most often quickly send you a request confirmation which enables you to create instances. Instances are either prepaid or billed on demand, according to our current pricing.

Volumes, Snapshots, Static IPs and More

We offer a variety of features to use with our service, including Volumes to store your data, Snapshots to facilitate starting up and working with instance configurations and Static Public IPs to provide easy access to your instances at all times. Leverage these features to your advantage [INSERT LINK TO FEATURES LANDING PAGE]. 

Organizations and Projects

If your account is associated to an organization, or if your organization would potentially benefit from using our organizational features, take a look at the functionalities for organizations [INSERT LINK TO ORGANIZATIONS AND PROJECTS LANDING PAGE].


The only service we charge for are active instance minutes. Stopped instances, volumes and snapshots are free of charge. For more information you can check our pricing and our billing alarm feature.