Let's get started with the Genesis Cloud Compute Service by launching, configuring and connecting to a Linux instance. This page explains how in five simple steps.

Step 1. Sign-up for Genesis Cloud

If you haven't yet, just sign-up with your email address here.

Step 2. Sign-in to your Genesis Cloud Account and access the Compute Service

Sign in with your credentials here.

From the dashboard, just click "Access Here":

Step 3. Register an ssh key and a credit card with your account

In order to be able to access your instance, you need to upload an ssh key first. If you don't have an ssh key yet, here is explained how to create one under Windows and MacOS / Linux.

Also, in order to use the account, we need your credit card information. Click on Account, then Billing and you can subsequently add credit card information and billing details.


Step 4. Create and configure a GPU instance

In the Compute Dashboard click "Add new instance"

You can get started by clicking 'Create Instance'. Tbhere are a few things you can configure:

  • Give it a Linux hostname and a nickname of your choice
  • Select what Hardware you need for example a 1 CPU or a 3 GPU AMD 25 instance (you might be restricted by resource limits, contact us to lift them)
  • Next to the plain Ubuntu installations you can also select preconfigured images
  • If you want you can download the required NVIDIA Drivers
  • Make sure you have an SSH key added to your instance that you have access to
  • If you need specific ingress and egress rules, check out security groups 

Step 5. Use to your instance

After the instance has been created, you can connect to it via ssh.

If you're working from Linux / MacOS or via the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), check out this guide. Windows Users can get started using PuTTY (here is how to do that).

You will be billed for as long as the instance is active. If you want to pause your instance and continue at a later point, you can easily do so using the start/stop feature.