What is Object Storage?

Object Storage is an S3-compatible storage solution designed to efficiently manage vast volumes of unstructured data. Unlike traditional storage architectures, it defines data as unique units, each encapsulated with metadata and a distinct identifier, enabling precise location and retrieval of each unit of data. 

This model ensures efficient scalability and durability, ideal for supporting diverse cloud applications, including managing ML datasets, hosting multimedia content, and serving as a robust foundation for data archives and backups. Object Storage guarantees fast, reliable access to data, catering to both dynamic, high-load applications and more static data storage needs.

How to Create Object Storage Files? 

  1. Enable Object Storage: Before proceeding to create buckets, you need to contact our support team and submit a ticket in order to get access and to streamline your workflow with Object Storage. Once the Object Storage is created, you can create start creating buckets. 

  2. Create Access Key & Secret Token: On the left sidebar "Keys & Tokens", you need to generate new Access key and a Secret token with an Object Storage type and copy them.   How to generate new API Token for Object Storage                                                How to generate new API Token for Object Storage

  3. Create a Bucket: A bucket is a container for your objects (files) in object storage. First, you need to create a bucket if you haven't already. Each bucket must have a unique name across the entire cloud platform.                                                                    How to create buckets 

  4. Prepare Your Data: Before uploading, decide on the format and the data you want to store. Object storage can handle virtually any type of data as an object, from text files and images to large video files or machine learning datasets.

  5. Upload & Download Your Objects: Effectively managing your data within Object Storage can be accomplished through various methods, each suited to different preferences and workflows. Below are three popular methods for uploading and downloading your objects, with each method to be elaborated in dedicated articles:

  6. Delete Your Bucket:  

    If you're done with your objects and you want to delete your bucket, you can do the following: How to delete your bucket

    How to delete your bucket