Why create an Organization ?

With organizations, you can work on your Genesis Cloud projects together with other people. Access and manage your instances together in order to accelerate your projects. 

Important: Every team member will need their own Genesis Cloud account in order to join your organization. 

How to create an Organization ?

  1. Navigate to “My Organizations” in the drop-down menu, located at the top right corner. 

  2. Click on “Create Organization”. 

  3. Fill in your details.

  4. Select “Finish”. 

You can watch all the above steps in the video given below.


Steps to create an Organization

Steps to create an Organization

Your organization has been created! You can directly add members to your organization. Find out more here: How to Invite Members to an Organization

Important: The person creating the organization is automatically the “organization owner”. In order to change the permissions, click on the article: How to Manage Organization Members