What are Project Permissions?

Project members can have one of three permissions: admin, editor, or viewer. Permissions determine a user’s level of access to a project’s shared resources, member management, and settings.


The following table summarizes the access that the permission has across a project:

PermissionProject Settings*Project Members**Project Resources***
AdminFull accessFull accessFull access

Read-only access

Read-only access

Full access

Read-only access

Read-only access

Read-only access

Permissions Explained

* Project Settings

  • Rename and edit the description of project
  • Delete project

** Project Members

  • Add and remove members
  • Change members’ permissions

*** Project Resources (including instances, backups, and other resources)

  • Instances (Create, create snapshots, stop, reset, destroy, rename)
  • Snapshots (Create instance, rename, delete)
  • Security group (Create, edit, delete)
  • Volume (Create, edit, delete)
  • Attach/detach volumes and security groups