Why create a Project?

Projects are groups of Genesis Cloud resources. By placing resources in Projects, you can organize them based on how you work and control access permissions for each Project. You can either create a new Project or use the default one.

Important: Only the owner and organization admins can create projects

Default Project

A default Project is automatically created for you when you create an Organization or Account. You can change the name and description of the project in its settings. All organization members can access the default project and are automatically assigned viewer permission.

You can't transfer the default status to another project or delete the default project.

How to create a project ?

  1. Navigate to “Projects” in the left-side menu.

  2. Click on “Create Project”.

  3. Fill in your project details.

  4. Select “Save”. Your project has been created!

  5. In the next step, you can add members to your project by selecting from the list of organization members or complete the creation process.

Create a project and add members

Create a project and add members