Why transfer Ownership of an Organization?

  • The person who created the Organization is automatically listed as the owner. If you are leaving the Organization, or want to hand that responsibility to someone else, you need to transfer ownership of the Organization.

  • Only the current owner can transfer the ownership of the Organization to another member. You can transfer ownership to any existing Organization member.

Important: This process only changes the ownership of the Organization and won't update the billing details and payment method. The New Organization owner will need to update the billing details for the Organization, after the transfer of ownership.

How to transfer Ownership of an Organization? 

  1. Open the Organization in Genesis Cloud and select Settings in the left sidebar menu.

  2. Click on the Transfer ownership button in the transfer ownership section.

  3. Select a new Owner from the Organization members and confirm the transfer by selecting the Transfer ownership button.

Genesis Cloud will assign the member as the owner and will automatically give the previous owner an admin role in the Organization.

Important: Genesis Cloud won't remove the previous owner from the Organization, they will stay on as an Organization admin. The member can leave the Organization, or another admin can remove them.