Why do I need a billing alarm ?

To stay on top of your GPU usage costs and keep track of your costs to train you can set a certain threshold value. At Genesis Cloud, you pay for the actual instance usage per minute. Once your instances are up and running you should set up a billing alarm. This way you will receive an email as soon as the instance usage has reached a certain amount.

Important: The billing alarm is an information tool, but it will not automatically stop your instance once you’ve reached a certain threshold value.

How can I set up a billing alarm?

  1. Open the Billing page on your GC console.

  2. On top you see a box called “Billing Alarm”.

  3. Click on “Add alarm” and toggle the Billing threshold slider into the active position.

  4. Define the threshold value in USD in the set box.

  5. Click on “Save”.

  6. To edit or check the set amount at a later stage click on “Edit alarm” in the Billing Alarm box.

How to add billing alarm

How to add billing alarm