Why log into your account?

At Genesis Cloud it is important to us that your account is not publicly accessible by anyone. Therefore, we require you to log into your account every time you want to use your Genesis Cloud dashboard. You have the option to register using your email and a password chosen by you. Alternatively you can use your Google or GitHub account for Single Sign On (SSO). 

How to log into your account?

IMPORTANT, if you use Google SSO or GitHub SSO:

It is not possible to use the option to change your password via our Genesis Cloud page. Furthermore, you cannot switch between your chosen login method. This means if you signed up using Google SSO you always have to use Google SSO as well for login and cannot switch to email/password login. Please note, it is also not possible to set up a two factor authentication (2FA) when you are logged in with Google SSO or GitHub SSO. 

You can choose between two options for your login: either click on “Sign-In” in the top right corner on the Genesis Cloud website. Or go directly to the Sign-In page via https://id.genesiscloud.com/signin/.

If you use your email and password [1]: 

Add your credentials (email address and password) and click on the blue “Sign in” button. 

If you use Google SSO [2]: 

Click on “Sign in with Google”. You will get redirected to a Google page with a list of your accounts. Choose the account you used for the sign-up as well. Proceed with your Google sign in. 

If you use GitHub SSO [3]: 

Click on “Sign in with GitHub”. You are being redirected to GitHub where you enter your username and password. GitHub will ask you to authorize using Genesis Cloud: click on “authorize Genesis Cloud”. You are redirected to your Genesis Cloud dashboard and can start using our services. 

When you want to log in to your account, you should see this screen: