What is a Static Public IP?

Creating an instance with a Static Public IP means that the public IPv4 address assigned to the instance upon creation will not change during the lifetime of the instance. Specifically, if you stop and start the instance again, it will be retain the same public IPv4 address it had originally. Private IPv4 address will not stay the same when stopping and starting an instance.

Why use a Static Public IP?

Using a Static Public IP can be useful with implementations where another application directly connects to an instance that is regularly stopped and started.

Creating an instance with a Static Public IPv4 address

Step 1: Navigate to create instance page

Step 2: Configure the instance to your preferences

Step 3: Under Network, select the toggle for "Static Public IP"

Step 4: Create Instance

You have now successfully created an instance with Static Public IP.

If you are interested in this feature, please contact our support.