Until now, our instance type definitions had different, i.e. increasing, disk sizes corresponding to the number of selected GPUs for historic reasons.

For example, a 1 GPU instance had an 80 GiB disk, a 2 GPU instance had a 160 GiB disk.

This created incompatibilities to use large disk instance snapshots of multi GPU instances on smaller instance types, increased the storage size of snapshots, and led to longer snapshotting time (for larger instances).
Also, the release of storage Volumes provided a better-suited alternative to store large datasets.

Starting last week, all new instance types will use an 80 GiB instance disk unless you use a large disk snapshot.

Legacy instances and snapshots with large disks are marked with a "Legacy" label.

Here is a summary of the changes in instance types:

Instance Type
GPUsvCPUsMemory [GiB]Disk [GiB] - deprecatedDisk [GiB] - new
GPU Instance 1x NVIDIA 1080Ti14128080
GPU Instance 2x NVIDIA 1080Ti282416080
GPU Instance 3x NVIDIA 1080Ti3123624080
GPU Instance 4x NVIDIA 1080Ti4164832080
GPU Instance 5x NVIDIA 1080Ti5206040080
GPU Instance 6x NVIDIA 1080Ti6247248080
GPU Instance 7x NVIDIA 1080Ti7288456080
GPU Instance 8x NVIDIA 1080Ti8329664080
GPU Instance 9x NVIDIA 1080Ti93610872080
GPU Instance 10x NVIDIA 1080Ti104012080080

What does that mean for you?

  1. Snapshots 
    • Snapshots of size 80 GiB stay unaffected and will continue working.
    • Snapshots that are larger than 80GB will stop working.
      During that grace period, you can still create large disk instances from legacy large disk snapshots via the web dashboard but not via the API.
      If one of your large disk snapshots contains relevant data, please create an instance from the snapshot now and save all relevant data to a Volume or a different 80GiB disk instance.
      You can see your snapshot size in the dashboard, see below.

  2. Instances
    • Instances with 80 GiB disk stay unaffected.
    • Taking snapshots of legacy large disk (>80 GiB) instance will stop working.
  3. Storing more than 80 GiB of data

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding this change at support@genesiscloud.com