With instance snapshots, you can take a snapshot of your instance and use it to create a new instance from the current disk image thus cloning or preserving all your data and installed software. 

Instance snapshots give you a way to save the setup of your instance so that you can delete a running instance once you finished computations and resume from the same disk state when you create a future instance.

Before taking a snapshot to make sure you stop all of your processes that may issue the command to write to disk, during the snapshot process. You will need to run "sync" or "fsfreeze" if there are active cached buffers or actively running processes that could cause snapshot filesystem inconsistencies.

Pricing: As of now, during the beta phase, instance snapshots are free but you are limited to having 10 snapshots at the same time. If your use case needs more snapshots we can increase this limit - just contact support.

Taking a Snapshot

To take a snapshot of a running instance, just select the "create snapshot" action from the instance actions.

Starting an Instance from a snapshot

To create an instance from an instance snapshot you can either select the snapshot as image in the "Create New Instance" screen or you can select the "Create Instance" action from the snapshots actions.