A volume is an attachable block storage device, similar to an external hard drive. You can attach a volume to one instance at a time (multi-attachable volumes that can be attached to more than one instance are work in progress). 

You can use a volume to store data that you intend to reuse and that should persist when your instance is deleted for example storing a large dataset that you intend to reuse.

You can also use a volume for data that you want to move from one instance to another.

Please Note: Attached volumes are automatically mounted under /mnt/vol_<letter> and formatted with the ext4 file system.

Of course, you can choose to reformat or mount them differently.

Create a new Volume

1. From the Volumes section in the navigation menu, click Create New Volume.

2. Specify the Name and Description (mandatory fields) and the Size in GiB then, click Create Volume.

You can use the Multi-Attach checkbox if you want to allow the volume to be attached to multiple instances (this feature is coming soon).

Attach the Volume to an Instance

From the Volumes section in the navigation menuclick in the name of the Volume you want to attach.

In the volume details page, attached instances are listed on the right. From this block, it's possible to attach and detach instances to the volume.

To attach the volume, find the desired instance using the instances listing where you can find all your active instances.

To detach the volume from a particular instance, click in the detach button next to the instance name you want to detach.

Please Note: We strongly recommend to run the shown unmount command before detaching to avoid corruption.

All volumes attached to an instance are listed in the instance details page where you can also see the volumes device name and where it is mounted.