After you create an SSH key, you can upload your public key to your Genesis Cloud account to make it easier to add your keys to your compute instance. It’s safe to freely share your SSH public key because it cannot be used to re-create the private key (which should never be shared). It can only be used to validate the user who holds the associated private key.

Step 1: Add New Key

From the Account section in the navigation menu, select Keys and Tokens. In the SSH keys section, click Add new Key.

Next, copy your public key, which should end in .pub into your clipboard and paste the contents into the SSH key content field. In the second field, enter a name for the key that will help you identify the in the Genesis Cloud interface. This is often the name of the machine you copied the public key from. 

Click the Save button when you are finished and the key will be displayed on the Keys and Tokens sections page. 

When you create a new instance, you can automatically add this key and use it to access the instance.

2. Optional: Edit / Delete Key

You can edit/delete your uploaded key by clicking: